Automated Reporting using SSRS

The SCSM reporting out-of-the-box is a underwhelming, so we augmented them with a series of manual reports, to both manage workload and also report progress to our stakeholders. A couple of months ago we undertook an exercise to automate these manual reports using SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) and the Data Warehouse (DW) database.

It required us to develop an intimate knowledge of the table/view relationships of the DW, which was the bulk of the effort. Once the queries were written, the actual development of the reports (achieved using Business Intelligence Development Studio), was relatively painless.

SSRS as a presentation medium is quite good, with an intuitive interface and easy ability to schedule and subscribe to reports.

The end result is the elimination of the manual effort on a daily, weekly and monthly basis to produce the reports…and the capability for users to help themselves to get the information they want.

Listing of reports

Listing of reports available on SSRS

Example report that is calculated in real-time

Example report that is calculated in real-time

Example of graphs

Example of graphs

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