Error – Template with Sequential or Parallel Activities

An annoying quirk when adding Sequential or Parallel Activities to a Service Request of Change…the following errors were received.

On the Self-Service Portal:

In the Service Manager Console:

The resolution details can be found here:

Basically, you can’t use the “Drag Activities” here function.

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Self Service Portal Design

Our approach from the very beginning has been to rely on the out-of-the-box functionality as far as practical, and only customise to meet a Must Have business requirement.

This approach extends to our design of the Self-Service Portal – there are third party products available, and extensive customisation is possible through SharePoint and XML coding, but we needed to make do with some minor tweaks, and here is the result:

Self-Service Portal Design

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Error – Creating tickets on the SSP and Mandatory Fields

When trying to create a Generic Incident on the SSP the following error appears:

A mandatory field on the Incident form was not populated in the template attached to the corresponding generic request offering.
Annoying thing is that it lets you get right to the end and provides a less than useful error message to the user.

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